Our equipment portfolio includes a large variety of antique presses including a Columbian Press, 3 Washington hand presses, and various Chandler & Price treddle presses. All of our vintage presses are completely functional and we still use them to print today. In addition to our antique presses, we use a Vandercook 325 & 232, 2 10 x 15 and 3 13 x 18 Heidelberg Windmill presses, and a Thomson Saroglia 20 by 28 automatic sheetfed platen press for our day to day operations.



Columbian Press built by Hewitt Brothers
London 1864

This press was in the Royal Printing House of Queen Victoria in the 1880's. When we took possession of the press in the mid 1990's it was in a serious state of neglect. We began meticulously restoring it to enhance its original features.





English Wood Common Press

This press is an authentic replica of a 1770's English Wood Common Press. It is modeled after the Ben Franklin press that is displayed at the Smithsonian. We contracted Steve Pratt, a noted craftsman, to custom build this press for our studio. It took Steve four and a half years to complete the project and it arrived here on July 2, 2007 - just in time to reprint the Declaration of Independence for July 4, 2007!





13 x 18 Heidelberg Windmill presses

Brigitta, Heidi, Lita, Inge and Brunhilde, or the ladies as we like to call them, are our Heidelberg Windmill presses. They range in size from 13 x 18 to 10 x 15. These are our workhouses - they are used to letterpress print, diecut, foil stamp, emboss, deboss and keep us company.

Heidelberg druckmaschinen Aktiengesellschaft
(translates to quick printing presses - and boy to these girls know how to run! 3700 impressions per hour)





Thompson Saroglia 20 x 28 automatic sheetfed platen press

This is our large format press. It can accommodate a sheet size of 20" x 28". We use this press for diecuting, foil stamping, embossing and debossing large promotional pieces and pocket folders.